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Superb Speakers!
William Cohen Deputy General Counsel for Opinions and Analysis FTC
Richard Vary Head of Litigation NOKIA (UK & US)
Dan Hermele Snr. Dr. & Legal Counsel Qualcomm Europe
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Standards, Patents & Competition: Law and Litigation conference 2015: get legal guidance to protect your organisation and avoid costly mistakes

Your Peers Said...
"Very impressive to have put together such excellent speakers and topics"
D Hermele
"The balance was perfect between IP, competition, case law and administrative aspects - perfect as ever. No way [you should] miss this event!"
J Veres
Reed Smith
Cutting Edge Judges' Views

We bring you judges from across Europe in our long established and respected judge's panel

A Valuable European Commission Keynote

Perspectives and insights direct Gunner Woolf with an opportunity to ask questions from the floor and on our Twitter live feed!

Huwaei v. ZTE - Too Hot To Touch

A 2 hour closed door session (Chatham House Rule) to discuss the implications for patent law that have emerged from this critical ECJ ruling

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Standards, Patents & Competition: Law and Litigation Conference 2015 - learn to successfully navigate the complex interplay between standards, intellectual property & competition law

Why attend the 2015 Standards Patents & Compeition Law and Litigation event?

This currently highly active, litigious and complex area is a minefield of conflicting commercial, IP & competition issues. 

The dynamics of the relationship between standards and patents poses a plethora of challenges for patentees, licensees, standard setting organisations, innovators, NPEs, commercial users and implementers

Patents may value the unique, but the technical standard has become the friend (or foe) that defines the uniform.

Featuring expert speakers from across the globe this renowned event is commended for its thought provoking agenda covering all the important topics, this is an event not to miss!

Find out more on the latest agenda for the Standards, Patents & Competition: Law and Litigation conference.

Attend IBC Legal's 9th Standards Patents and Competition: Law and Litigation Conference!

  • Gain insights from the European Commission in an exceptional and valuable keynote
  • Enjoy a dynamic, critical caselaw and legal development update
  • Obtain a 'real world' look at the latest FRAND position and the commercial implications of negotiations between the product and patent based companies
  • Find out about the important benchmark decision of Huwaei v. ZTE and the implications for you in a closed door TOO HOT TO TOUCH! session
  • Understand the implications of key US cases directly from the FTC!
  • Analyse the impact of the New IEEE Policy
  • Get up-to-date on where we are on what's anti-competitive, what are the issues when dealing with patents and a consideration of the solutions
  • Experience a superb and unique panel of judges from different locations offering perspectives from their respective benches on standard and patent decisions
  • Consider the position in China with views on the 'new normal' and the legal considerations for the technology transfer process in China
  • Learn the latest school of thought on the best rules for determining and calculating FRAND in the US and Europe from our respected and experienced panel
  • Benefit from a strategic focus on the issues in licensing an esssential patent and NPEs
  • Get to grips with the patent pools and examples of where they have been successful and where they have failed to get off the ground

See more details on the latest agenda for the Standards, Patents & CompetitionL Law and Litigation event.

Don't miss the interactive workshop on 3rd December!

The Future of Litigating SEPs – Impact Huwaei v. ZTE
An in-depth workshop considering the issues and challenges that will now arise in litigating SEPs. 

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(updated 10 February 2016)

Why attend?

"The most complete event for standards and patents: A step beyond perfection… congratulations!"
Couste Jonqueres
Reed Smith
"Real standards experts"
M Cousté
Reed Smith
"Excellent…Very informative, learnt about European patent environment"
L Raman
Intellectual Ventures

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