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Prepare for the new Damages Directive!

IBC Legal's

Private Enforcement of Competition Law 2015

Private Enforcement of Competition Law Conference 2015

25 March 2015

Find out how you should be preparing for the implementation of the Commission's new Damages Directive at IBC Legal's newest competition law event.  Plus get guidance on developments in private actions, access to documents, calculation of damages, passing-on, collective redress, litigation, stand-alone cases and more…

Protect, maximise and grow your IP assets

IBC Legal's 23rd Annual

Biotech & Pharmaceutical Patenting 2015

Biotech & Pharmaceutical Patenting Conference

24 - 25 February 2015

Protect, maximise and grow your IP assets by getting updates and advice on the more complex aspects of patents. You'll get advice from 25+ international experts including speakers from the European Commission, UPC Committee, EPO, Lundbeck, Morphosys, Lilly UK, Novartis Pharma, Munich Regional Court I, Brick Court Chambers and more!

The only International Construction Law Masters offered in mainland Europe

From the University of Stuttgart: Master...

International Construction Practice & Law

International Construction Practice & Law: Masters Course

Commences: 7th May 2015

Distance learning

Now you can gain a thorough, practical, commercial and legal understanding of the international construction industry with this new Masters programme from the University of Stuttgart - one of Europe's leading centres of engineering excellence! The programme is designed for international professionals in full-time employment and is taught in English on a part-time basis.